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Holiday Gift Guide: For Him!

Sharing another mostly requested gift guide with y'all today, and it's for the man in your life! This could be your brother, dad, boyfriend or best friend! Everything is mostly under $50, but definitely under $100. I know I have a bunch of people to shop for, so I like to keep my budget around $50 for things this time of year. Some of these items are things I have already gotten Nick in the past, and some of these items I may be getting him this year ;) *Don't look, Nick!*

I'm sharing every item with you, and why I love every item, and why it's something the man in your life will love. I thoughtfully hand picked these pieces, and thought some were pretty unique that didn't quite come to my mind at first. I've described each item in numerical order according to the collage below. Hope y'all like this one, and let me know what you think!

BLUE TOOTH AUDIO SPEAKER: This is something Nick likes to take around the house with him especially on weekends or when we're cleaning. He loves music, and sometimes just isn't around a computer or TV to listen to it the way he wants to. We especially love sitting on our back patio with some tunes playing!

FITBIT ALTA: This is such a great gift for any man looking for a watch type of item, and especially if you are on a budget! Apple watches can a be a little more pricey, and this just does the job as well! Especially for your man who is watching his health too!

HOLIDAY UNDERWEAR: Okay, yes, I know... So cliche... But really what guy doesn't need more underwear?! It's kind of strange how many they have compared to women lol. Plus, I always find that any holiday themed underwear is the cutest and most fun!

JOHN WICK BLUERAY: You don't have to get your man this exact movie. Any movie works really! If your man loves movies just as much as my man does, then you'll be sure to win him over with some blue rays! Nick loves John Wick, and John Wick 2 is on his Amazon wishlist for Christmas. It's the perfect action movie for any man, and he will be sure to love this one if he hasn't seen it.

HAT & SCARF SET: Let's be real. Men get cold too. Most men definitely don't wear scarves... but I'm sure once he actually wears one and realizes how warm they really are, he will wear it more than you think! I really have a good feeling about this one! This set comes with a simple little beanie, but what man doesn't love a beanie?

NORTH FACE GLOVES: Men's hands get cold too! He will want to stay warm when he's out on those winter dates or shopping trips with you, AND these work with his phone too!

BLACK & DECKER DRILL: For the handy man in your life! Maybe he has a drill that isn't doing the job anymore, or he just needs an upgrade from a screwdriver! I bought this for Nick for our anniversary, and he was so excited that he no longer had in install our furniture in our house with a battery powered screw driver LOL

PLAID JOGGER PANT: Stay warm in these supersoft jogger pants that have just enough stretch for pure comfort while binge watching tv and hanging around the house.

VENETIAN SLIPPER: These are perfect for wearing around the house! They are so comfy, and festive for the fall and winter. Such a great price too!

SKINNY WALLET: I bought this for Nick last year for Christmas and this is his most used item to date. He was always complaining to me how his foldover wallet with all his cards always hurt him when he was driving after awhile or sitting. It doesn't open or anything. Just a thin wallet. I found this amazing find on Amazon last year, and it has everything he needs! He seriously always thanks me for getting it haha. Now I can find them everywhere on Amazon.

TIMBERLAND BOOTS: Is he a working man? Is he the one that shovels the snow in the winter? Or does he even love hiking? Gear up in these waterproof and durable lace-up booties. They have you covered for even your dirtiest outdoor adventures.

PERSONALIZED KEY CHAIN: I always think this is the sweetest gift you can give someone. You can personalize anything from Things Remembered and out your special date on it, a cute saying you have, or anything you want! Either way the gift is unique for him, and you. 

MOSCOW MULE SET: This awesome set will sure surprise him! Moscow Mules are such a holiday/winter drink, and I'm sure he will love the alcohol as a gift too haha. Such a simple drink to make, yet they taste so good! Nick got this for Christmas from his mother last year, and he drank moscow mules for months! He loved it.

I hope this gift guide helped give some ideas for gifts for that man in your life, and made your shopping even easier :) I would love to know which gift is your favorite! Thanks for reading!


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