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The Perfect Gift For Anyone On Your List

Hello babes! It's towards the beginning of the new week which means a new blog post is live! I cannot believe we are already moving on from Thanksgiving to Christmas already. Where does the time go? I've started my Christmas shopping only a few weeks ago, and this year I'm really struggling on what to get for everyone on my list this year. Especially now that I'm on a budget since I'm not making much of an income compared to when I worked at my office job. So today I'm partnering with Vlando, to share this thoughtful, budget friendly gift anyone on your list could use in their life!

Vlando is a company who sells jewelry boxes designer and producer. You can easily find them on Amazon. Their specialty jewelry boxes are created for both men and woman, so this makes your shopping much easier! One for him, one for her :)

I couldn't help but to think these would make the perfect Christmas gift, so I'm excited to share this jewelry box they kindly sent me with y'all!

What I loved about their jewelry boxes is how modern and clean they look. They are just a cute little box full of fun things and spaces! The inside is extremely spacious, and has lots of little movable and re-movable small compartments everywhere. I was also very attracted to the colors, especially for the women's boxes. Tones of Tiffany Blue, Seafoam green, and Baby Pink. These all just happen to actually be some of my favorite colors! 

Vlando offers a variety of jewelry boxes at different price points for most shoppers, and many different sizes to fit consumers' needs. They offer travel boxes, deluxe multi-level jewelry boxes, storage boxes, jewelry organizers and office organizers.

I'm not one to normally use jewelry boxes... Let's be honest... I definitely need a jewelry organizer in my life because at the moment I just have all my earrings laying on a small glass plate featured in these photos... However after seeing how sweet and attractive these boxes are and recognizing the functionality, I am so excited to begin to use my Vlando jewelry box!

Thank you to Vlando for sending this product along for today's post! As always, thanks for reading!


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