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2019 Goals and Resolutions

WOOOOOO HOOOO! We officially made it in the first week of January 2019!

This past year was definitely not the best year for me mentally at all... However looking at it form all the great things that came out of it, I guess I can't complain. If you haven't already saw this Instagram post from the other day, I highlighted everything great that came out of 2018!

I thought I would start the year off by sharing some of my 2019 goals, resolutions, and things I want to work on with y'all for fun. I promise I will start posting more about fashion soon!!

Hope ya don't mind!

1. Use a planner

Last year when posting, I still didn't exactly have a clue of how to do this whole blogging thing. I always just woke up and decided "hmm., this is the type of photo I am going to take today, let's do it at whatever o'clock."

Now that I'm back on blogging instead of just fashion influencing, it's important to plan that go with the posts, and I'm also working retail, so I really need to find time to take these photos now. It's much harder than I ever expected, so I feel as though I'm really working two full time jobs.

I invested in this amazing planner because they were within my budget, plus provided me with everything I was looking for in my planner. (stickers, colorful pages, fun pages in between months, lots of pretty designs, colorful tabs, and a weekly pages) Trust me, you won't regret this one!

I wrote down some of my upcoming events and things to do in here and it's keeping me much more organized with posting content! I've always been attached to my wall calendar to write events down on, but I figured a little planner book for all my blogging content would be perfect. 

2. Spend more quality time with the people you love

Something I was really bad at during 2018 was delegating the time spent on my phone, versus the quality time I spent with Nick. It was always hard for me to put my phone down, especially because  wanted to continuously grow on Instagram. I felt I always needed to be on it to connect with others and engage. 

Yes, it is true if you want to grow, but we are working our way around this to help us spend better quality time together. Maybe this is something you struggle with as well... 

When I work day shift we both get home, cook dinner, and eat it together. This is something we like to do together. While we eat, we usually watch TV, and then afterwards, we take time to do our own thing for a few hours. This is the time where I usually start to edit photos, finish a blog post, write some captions, and link everything here in LTK

Normally, when I work the day shift I will upload a photo on Instagram around 8:30pm after doing everything I need to do to get it ready.

After uploading I usually spend the next 30 minutes replying to comments, commenting on others photos, and talking to my girls through my DMs. 

Before I usually just spend the rest of the night on my phone while he did his own things. I felt as though we weren't hanging out and spending quality time together so recently we've implemented that once 9:00 hits, we will spend this time together watching our favorite shows depending on what we need to catch up on. I love this idea! Phones down, some drinks, and enjoying each others company :) This is what I hope to continue this year. Gives us plenty of time to talk and catch up as well. 

3. Create a blog post every Sunday/Monday

This is something I started doing towards the end of October and has worked out very well for me! I had previously asked on Instagram stories a few months ago whether you guys wanted to see a new blog post from me the same day each week, or any random day of the week. The votes were in, and the beginning of the week won! 

This is something I am going to continually try to do in hope that maybe... just maybe you have something to look forward from every Sunday or Monday :) (Mainly Monday!) So keep an eye out at the beginning of each week for an Instagram post letting you know there's a new blog post out!

4. Keep the weight off

I recently posted all about my weight loss journey in 2018. You can check that out here. I lost 35 pounds, and my goal is to slowly ween off my old routine, and to continue to eat healthy and keep the weight of this year without doing what I was going. 

The goal with this is to maintain the weight I'm currently at, and maybe even lose a few more pounds while I'm at it! Praying this is something I will be able to do, and continue to feel free, confident, clean and happier. 

5. Grow as a blogger

This is one of the biggest things I want to work on this year. I feel as though since October I have really upped my Instagram and blogging game ALOT! I've gained more friends following me within these last few months than ever before. I've been spending much more time planning content, and coming up with outfits to share that you will be interested in! This is also where my planner resolution comes in very handy, haha.

I'm hoping to hit the 10k mark shortly on Instagram this year as well. Not because of the number, but honestly because of that great, fun things that happen at 10k! I want to be able to do try on's with swipe ups, and show great products I am loving on stories which makes it much easier than having to exit Instagram and head into the app every time. I'm also hoping to get noticed by bigger brands and get noticed more to do collabs for you guys about products I am loving! 

Blogging has really become this dream of mine that I'm working on, and I'm hoping to bring that up another notch this year. It will be interesting to see where I will be come next January in 2020.

6. Start wedding planning?!

WHAAAAT? I know, right! Okay, I'm definitely not engaged yet, so no need to freak out!! BUT... I'm HOPING it's going to happen sometime this year! I bought THIS Kate Spade Wedding planner book which will be life saver you guys. I love planning ahead of time so this is KEY. Plus I used my discount at Francesca's to get it while I'm still there. I'm linking it right here if you're interested! I highly recommend because it has everything you will need to get done and a timely manner as well. I haven't filled anything out in yet, but I just can't wait for when I can begin using it!

The past year had sure been a rollercoaster for me, but I am so happy I get to share every moment with you! I couldn’t be more appreciative of each and every one of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for following along this year and let’s see what 2019 brings! CHEERS to 2019 being the best one yet!


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