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How To Make Money As An Influencer

*Today's post is in partnership with LadyBossBlogger. All opinions are my own*

Ever wondered how influencers and bloggers make money and are able to pay the bills?

Do you potentially want to monetize your current influence?

Do you already have an engaged following and brands wanting to work with you?

In all of these scenarios, the best outcome would be to make money and a full-time income off your phone, right? Most brands within the past decade have resorted to influencer marketing and are now spending on people, which means they are willing to pay you to market for them. Brands and business are saving thousands of dollars by doing so, and it also gives you a job at the same time.

I've been blogging for a little over 2 years now, and my goal is to make it my full-time income. Even though it's not my full-time income yet, I consider myself a full-time blogger because I put way more than 40 hours a week into it.

When I first started blogging I had no idea where to begin. I pretty much self-taught, and observed what others were doing to get a good feel of what the norm was, and what I should also be doing. 

With the help of LadyBossBlogger's "How To Make Money As An Influencer" course, I've learned a ton of new things and secrets that I never knew within my 2 years of doing this! Crazy right? I feel like I am always constantly learning new things in this business every day! This course crossed my path recently, and I couldn't help but to want to learn more. Pinterest has been my number 1 focus in 2020, and this course gave me all the resources I need to help grow my account. Most of my blog traffic has now been coming from Pinterest!

The course consists of the following lectures:

The layout was super easy, and the entire course took me no more than 2 hours total to complete. You can take as long as you need with the course and you'll always have access to these resources as well as any updates that might be made throughout time.

The cost of the course is $397, but I am happy to share that you can get it for 40% off by using this link or my discount code "SERENATOMALIS". A huge discount for a ton of information! Well worth it for those needing a bit of help and knowledge investing in their business.

If you're still weary about investing in your business, I am here to answer any questions within reason you may have about the course. Please do not hesitate to reach out!

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