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2021 Back To School Outfits

 August is here... Yep! That means it's time to start planning out your back to school outfits. With things things finally starting to return back to normal, you might not be sure where to even start now that you'll actually get to see people every day. Lucky for you, there are 3 go-to base looks I'm sharing today that can get you started with what to wear for your first day back to school!

Classic Joggers & Graphic Tee

Now more than ever it seems perfectly acceptable to wear loungewear to almost any occasion. Joggers and sweatpants were always something everyone wore on those days they just didn't feel like trying to get ready for school, but now it seems like it has become the new norm! There are so many different ways to make lounge wear stylish. I combined my joggers with a graphic tee to stay on trend, and a scrunchie for a girly, chic, accessory. Of course you can always change out the sneakers for something else depending on the temp.

Skirt/Sweater Combo

Most definitely one of my favorite combinations to wear while we transition from Summer to Fall is a sweater over a dress or paired with a skirt. It's a great way to get more use out of your summer clothes, but also start breaking out the sweater for those chillier mornings. You can choose to french tuck your sweater, let it drape down over, or even twist the front into a knot. I paired this look with some comfy slip on shoes for more Fall vibes, and a hat since it's about to be felt hat season!

Mom Jeans

Jeans are probably the number one item on everyone's back to school list. Our weight and bodies are always fluctuating so much over the course of the summer, and a new school year brings a fresh new start for some new denim. This year, the mom jean, baggy jean, and straight leg jean are the most wanted item. You can pretty much pair them with anything, but what makes them so great is the looser fit making you feel more relaxed. Plus, they're body flattering! I paired my mom jeans with a tank bodysuit for comfort, and a shacket (shirt jacket) for those days the classroom just feels cold. The sandals still add that touch of summer! 

I hope this post helped inspire you for some easy back to school outifts to take you into Fall that can be re-created with items in your own closet! I made sure to link the items you see below: