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What To Do With Your Wedding Bouquet: My Wedding Bouquet Preservation

 The big day has come and gone and now you're left with what to do with your wedding bouquet. Brides spend thousands of dollars on florals for their wedding, so it hurts me to think about the thought of just throwing your bouquet in the trash and a waste of money. 

So I'm here today to share exactly what I did with my wedding bouquet, and my wedding bouquet preservation experience with The Pressed Bouquet Shop. They did such a fabulous job, and it was worth every penny!

Once your bouquet is preserved it becomes a piece of artwork that will last you forever, and that you can stare at every single day of your life. I ended up hanging it up in our bedroom next to our alternative guestbook which was turned into decor as well. 

Below you can see what each looked like on our wedding day. We went with lush greens, but muted purples, and lots of eucalyptus.

Getting my wedding bouquet preserved and pressed was such an easy and simple process. 

1) Place your order

Head to The Pressed Bouquet Shop's page, and decide which frame color, and size you're looking for. I went with the 16x20 White wood frame and chose no upgrades which gave me just a sold white background. 

Orders can be placed up to 6 months in advanced, or even the week of the wedding. 

2) Ship The Bouquet

Once your ordered is placed, you will get an email with detailed instructions with exactly what to do and how to properly ship your bouquet! Overnight shipping is strongly encouraged since flowers may dry out, or lose petals by the time received. Taxes and shipping to and from of the final frame are not included in the frame price.

3) Receive Your Bouquet Within 6-8 Weeks

Within 6 weeks you will receive your bouquet as a pressed and framed work of art! The flowers will be dried out for a few weeks, and then carefully curated and glued into your frame of choice. When received you can expect your frame to be wrapped with delicate tissue and ribbon.

All frames are packaged in professionally assembled frame shipment boxes lined with static-free foam cushioning to ensure a damage-free delivery. 

So what do you think of this new and trendy idea?! Did you preserve your wedding bouquet? Check out The Pressed Bouquet's Shop here if you're interested in getting yours done too! 


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