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How To Wear The Athleisure Trend This Winter

Over the past few years the fashion industry has had a major change in fashion with some of us completely switching to work from home, and the other half us just trying to keep up with our busy, hectic lives. So  best way to combine fashion, function, and comfort? The answer: Athleisure. 

Turning performance wear into everyday wear has become the norm, and consumes most of our favorite retailers inventory. The problem is, how do we determine how to differentiate what we wear to the gym, and what we wear to brunch? 

Today I'm styling athleisure for 3 different occasions this winter besides going to the gym and a few of my favorite ways to wear it!



On the days I'm meeting up with a friend for a brunch date, this is the perfect, wake up and go look! Nothing makes me feel more cute than a pair of fashion sweatpants, and a sweater tucked into them for added detail. It's warm, cozy, but yet I also feel put together. Add a pair of sneakers to this look to keep it on the fashion side. You can also always add boots, but then it tends to stray away from the athleisure trend. Add an athletic jacket for added warmth and sporty vibes. My puffer jacket is a ski jacket.


I love this one, because I feel as if there are so many different occasions you can wear this for. I thought it would be great for running errands, but I'm also going to be wearing this matching set to the airport for a trip next week as well. I'm staying comfy by wearing one of my favorite workout sets, but turning it casual by adding a shacket over top. You don't only have to stick to a shacket or jacket. Wear something else you feel comfortable in such as a flannel, cardigan, or coat. If it was a little warmer out I might add mules, or sandals.


If you have pets, you probably are someone who ends up going outside your house quite often to give your furry friends some fresh air. If you still want to feel put together while you potentially see all of your neighbors, grab your favorite pair of leggings, an oversized sweater and pair them with your favorite sneakers. I added a beanie to keep my head warm. Plus it helps on those bad hair days. I like to make sure everything matches so that my outfit is cohesive. 

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