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Rustic Farmhouse Interior Idea: DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Shelves

 If you're looking for a simple farmhouse interior design idea for your bathroom, look no further! Getting my modern farmhouse bathroom design idea that I had in my head forever took a lot different tries and decor to get it right, but I'm so happy with the way these rustic farmhouse bathroom shelves above my toilet turned out! Check out this awesome before and after of my DIY farmhouse bathroom shelves for towels, candles, plants and more.

BEFORE: Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Shelf Idea

This before photo was when we were still in the process of renovating our blank canvas bathroom into a more modern farmhouse bathroom. These shelves we used originally are from Lowe's for about $30, and held up really well! 

And yes, our small modern farmhouse bathroom has FAKE shiplap! This farmhouse shiplap wallpaper is only $34 a roll at Target, and we only needed 2. 

AFTER: Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Shelf Idea


After 2 year of playing around, my farmhouse interior idea for these shelves was finally brought to life. The perfect amount of contrast between blacks and whites, as well as enough browns to balance everything out and made it feel so home-y. 

As you may have noticed we did change out the shelves and did DIY farmhouse bathroom shelves over time, and I really love the warmth it added to small space. If you love DIY, check out this blog post of how my husband and I DIY'ed our kitchen for under $300.

Anyways, I hope this farmhouse bathroom shelf idea gave you some sort of inspiration to recreate the country farmhouse feel in your bathroom with items you might already own, or gave you some inspiration to head to your local Marshalls/Home Goods for some new goodies :)

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