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The Best Product To Organize Cords and Cables (Sleek Socket Power Strip Review)

If you're tired of looking at the jumbled mess of cords behind your TV stand, corner of a room, or looking the manage cords in your college dorm room, look no further! I found a super easy way to organize all of your cords and cables, and still make things look aesthetically pretty.

The Sleek Socket Cord organizer is an Amazon bestselling favorite. It's a thin outlet cover that hides cables and cords while keeping the outlet still useable, but hidden. It's under $25 and has about 37k+ reviews.

The Sleek Socket outlet cover has a thin white wire attached to it that gets attached to the wall by the kid of adhesives it comes with. It sits flesh against the wall making it perfect for still putting furniture against the wall. 

The spot in our home where all of our cables and wire were the messiest was behind our nightstands. With lamps, chargers, alarm clocks and other devices, it just became an eye sore. 

You can purchase this cord management product in different lengths such as 3 foot, 6 foot, and 8 foot options as well as pet proof and baby proof options. 

Check out this before and after of how Sleek Socket transformed our space!


  • Bedroom nightstand
  • Living room tv stand
  • Nursery for young children 
  • Kitchen countertops
  • College dorm room
  • Renters who cant make changes


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