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Hey y'all! My name's Serena. Joyce is my middle name! I'm a PA based 25 year old living in Wyomissing, PA, about an hour and a half outside of Philadelphia. I live with my fiancè, Nick, and my precious 2 cats Whiskey and Whitey. 

I created this blog to share my knowledge and love for fashion. Sharing affordable fashion and staple pieces is what I do best. I graduated from Albright College with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. Fashion has always been in a huge interest of mine. I always loved planning my outfits out for the week in junior high and high school, and buying the trendiest pieces I could find at the mall. I also loving sharing interior design, some travel, and the products I use in my everyday life. I'm striving to live every day on purpose and for a purpose. As Francois Rebelais' last words stated, "I go to seek a great perhaps"

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